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Where it all started

"One morning, I was captivated by a dream: 100,000 South Africans living right here, but earning in Dollars, Euros, and Pounds.

This vision inspired me to explore a growing trend: our nation's talented individuals searching for better opportunities abroad. The data was concerning—28,000 of our brightest minds leaving each year, with only one returning for every 27 departures. With over 900,000 South Africans currently living overseas, it raised the question: what will happen to our homeland?

What are the implications for our economy, GDP, and employment rates? Who will lead the way in creating new businesses, innovating as entrepreneurs, and most importantly, nurturing the next generation of leaders?

It also made me wonder: how can I contribute to the solution?

This realization gave birth to HireJustNow in 2022.

I firmly believe that South Africa is full of potential. Our nation has the ability to offer the world value, growth, and prosperity. I have faith in South Africa and its unwavering spirit."

- Francois O'Kennedy (Co-founder)

beautiful Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

Why do we do it though ?

The HireJustNow gents in Cape Town

We at HireJustNow are fueled by a shared dream that has been the bedrock of our journey. This dream serves as our driving force, motivating us to make a meaningful impact on South Africa and beyond.


Our mission is clear: we strive to open doors that were previously closed and showcase to the world just how incredible our beloved country truly is.

Our passion for this vision is unwavering. We firmly believe that South Africa is a land of immense potential, teeming with talent, creativity, and innovation. By fostering a close-knit work family and promoting a culture of collaboration and friendship, we are working towards unlocking this potential and showcasing it to the world.

At HireJustNow, our work goes beyond the conventional boundaries of a typical job. We're on a collective journey to make a difference, to leave a lasting mark, and to build a legacy that reflects our deep-seated passion and commitment to South Africa's growth and prosperity.

Meet The Team

Carel Strydom - HireJustNow

Carel Strydom

Co-Founder | CEO

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Francois O'Kennedy - HireJustNow

Francois O'Kennedy

Co-Founder | CFO

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Rayno Blomerus - HireJustNow

Rayno Blomerus

Head of Operations

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Caroline Webster - HireJustNow

Caroline Webster

Marketing Manager

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Casper Geustyn - HireJustNow

Casper Geustyn

Head of Legal

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Malan Rautenbach - HireJustNow

Malan Rautenbach

Software Developer

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Untitled (600 x 600 px) (16).png

Richardt Frenz

Keenan Ribeiro

Adele Traut

Finance Manager

Client Relations Manager

Payroll Manager

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HireJustNow team photo - table mountain
HireJustNow gents having a laugh
HireJustNow representing the rainbow nation
HireJustNow gents in Cape Town
HireJustNow gents smiling

Honestly, it's more of a family than a work team.

Our team at HireJustNow is not just a collection of passionate professionals who share the same workspace; we're united by a deep sense of shared values and togetherness.


We firmly believe that when you work together in a friendly and casual manner, it paves the way for creativity to flourish, problems to be solved more effectively, and job satisfaction to soar.


It's this unique blend of professionalism and camaraderie that transforms us into more than just a work team – we're a support system, a network of friends, and a tightly-knit work family.

These people think we're pretty cool...

Seth Rybin

"I'm very satisfied with HireJustNow's Employer of Record services. Using them to source talent in Cape Town has been highly beneficial for our organisation. We've been consistently impressed with their support, cost-effectiveness, and the high-quality talent they offer. Additionally, we've achieved savings of close to 50% on staffing costs with our Cape Town team, and the talent we've acquired from them fit perfectly with our London-based team."

Seth Rubin

Managing Director

Grow by Tradedoubler

Gerda van Wyk

"Hire Just Now has been a game-changer in my career journey. Their personalized approach, professionalism, and dedication to finding the perfect fit have opened doors I never thought possible. Thanks to them, I'm now doing what I love. Trust Hire Just Now for a transformative career experience

you won't be disappointed."

Gerda van Wyk

HR Business Partner
Savanna group

Simon Jarman.jpg

"I am delighted to share my positive experience with HireJustNow. As a UK-based accounting firm, navigating the complexities of employing staff overseas can be daunting. However, HireJustNow has been instrumental in simplifying this process by serving as our trusted local employer in South Africa.

 Their proactive approach, both with assisting in initial recruitment and in their ongoing role as employer, coupled with their commitment to excellence, has made them a valuable partner in our operations. They have shown exceptional responsiveness and efficiency, ensuring that our staffing needs are met promptly and effectively.

Simon Jarman

Founder & CEO

Clever bean Accounting

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