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Let's help build your own
in-house team.

Hire, onboard and manage your South African remote staff with our all in one employer of record solution.

Start saving up to 50% on costs by hiring in South Africa while we handle all the tax, compliancy and payroll for you.


Onboard your next
remote employee

with us 


Unlock the potential of top talent in South Africa!

Easily hire qualified South African candidates while saving up to 50% on costs.


Seamless, risk-free onboarding. We handle tasks, employment agreements, and compliance.

Focus on your business, we manage the rest.

We ensure smooth operations, contract flexibility, and secure remote team management.


Why consider us?

We tailor employee management solutions to your business needs

HR and Compliance

Stay compliant without lifting

a finger.

Payroll Management

Remote Team Management

Ensure timely and accurate compensation.

Keep your team united, even if they are worlds apart.

  • Can you assist with onboarding and contract management for remote employees?
    Yes! We tailor the employment contracts and HR documents to your specific needs and align all contracts and pay dates according to your requirements within the scope and ambit or SA laws.
  • What types of industries do you serve with HireJustNow EOR services?
    Any role that can work remotely. Sectors that are popular include, IT, Finance, Sales / Business development, Marketing, Design, NGO, Customer Support or Services and many more.
  • What are the types of Leave / holiday in South Africa?
    Annual Leave: All employees are entitled to a minimum of 15 working days of annual leave per year. This constitutes paid time off for employees to take a break from work and recharge. Maternity Leave: Expectant mothers are entitled to 4 consecutive months of unpaid maternity leave. It's worth noting that individual employment contracts might offer more favourable and extended terms beyond this minimum requirement. Paternity Leave: A minimum of 10 days of unpaid leave is granted. Adoption Leave: When an employee adopts a child under the age of two, they are entitled to a minimum of ten weeks of adoption leave. This applies to the primary caretaker and can commence either from the date the adoption is granted or the date when the child is placed under their care. Sick Leave: Full-time employees are eligible for paid sick leave. The number of days an employee is entitled to is equivalent to the number of days they would typically work within a six-week period over a three year term. There are more details regarding sick leave that are based on each company’s policy requirements.
  • What sets your South African EOR services apart from global competitors?
    Discover the unparalleled benefits of collaborating with a South African EOR, encompassing cultural insight, cost efficiency, and worldwide accessibility. Our time zones align with those of the UK, EU, and the Middle East, and English serves as the primary business language in South Africa.
  • What potential risks are associated with employment in South Africa?
    Similar to various nations, South Africa maintains distinctions between self-employed individuals or contractors and full-time employees. Notably, misclassifying contractors could expose your company to substantial fines and penalties, underscoring the critical importance of accurate classification to maintain compliance with local regulations. This is why a EOR is a safer option.
  • Why opt for an EOR service to manage your remote team?
    Two compelling factors underscore this choice: Cost-effectiveness and the perks of ensured compliance, seamless payroll processing, and a significantly lighter administrative load. Notably, leveraging the relatively lower salaries in South Africa, attributed to our currency dynamics, further enhances the financial advantage of this solution.
  • What sets HireJustNow apart as an Employer of Record (EOR)?
    HireJustNow operates as an EOR that stands as the official employer exclusively for your remote workforce, strategically selecting individuals within South Africa. This meticulous approach entails managing all aspects of legality, payroll intricacies, and HR obligations. Our distinctive edge lies in our concentrated emphasis on remote staff from a singular country for global placement, harnessing our profound expertise within the South African landscape. This strategic advantage ensures an unparalleled platform and service, tailored to your needs. We are SA experts in Labour law, Payroll, Tax, Compliance and Accounting.

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